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National Coal Help Center

  • What products do National Coal Suppliers Offer?
    National Coal Suppliers offer a range of coal products, including Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Anthracite, Duff, Nuts, Peas, and Rom. These products cater to various industrial and domestic needs.
  • What are the specifications and quality standards for your coal products?
    Each of our coal products has distinct specifications and quality standards. To get detailed information about a specific product, clients need to request the specifications for the product they are interested in.
  • Can customers request custom blends or specialized coal products?
    Yes, at National Coal Suppliers, we offer the flexibility for customers to request custom coal blends tailored to their specific requirements. Our team can assist in creating specialized coal products based on your needs.
  • Is there information on the source and mining practices for your coal?
    While National Coal Suppliers do not engage in mining directly, we partner with reputable coal mines. Information about the source and mining practices of our coal products is available upon request. We prioritize transparency in providing this information to our customers.
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